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Innovarge is built upon the fundamental philosophy of partnership. This has led Innovarge to expand in several dimensions. Our strength comes from our distinguished specialists worldwide who ensure that the best possible solution is provided to all our clients. We are committed to delivering premier quality products, and services through our experience, skills, and knowledge. Our efficient processes and procedures have been proven to provide timely and cost effective solutions. Our reputation in all the areas we cover is acknowledged and appreciated by our clients.

The beginnings

Innovarge was founded in 2011 from a small start-up providing services such as, web and software development to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). From its humble beginnings to now, Innovarge has not only established itself as a technology partner for SMEs, but also to big corporations around the world.

Innovarge is innovative

We believe a tech company can only survive if it keeps creating innovative products and solutions. Our Innovation Department keeps researching new ideas and exploring areas where technology can play a part.

We are not vendors

It is our firm belief that our client’s success is our success. To achieve their goals we work closely with their in-house team.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe as a company it is our responsibility to give back and have a positive impact on the community we are apart of. Since 2014 Innovarge has partnered with Mera Karachi Meri Zimaydari (MKMZ), helping local communities with various projects, such as, bringing clean water and structured education.

Meet the team

Management Team



Fariha Bhatty Chairperson

Entrepreneurial by nature, Fariha Bhatty graduated from the Institute of Business Administration with a double major in Marketing and Management.



Syed Saqib Ali Chief Executive Officer

As Innovarge's Chief Executive Officer, Syed Saqib Ali has helped grow the company from a start-up to a technology partner of some big corporations.



Arbab Ali Khan Founder/Managing Director

Arbab founded Innovarge in 2011. Today, as Managing Director, Arbab shares responsibility for company's day-to-day operations with Syed Saqib Ali.


Advisors and Consultants



Safdar Naqvi Consultant - Banking Solutions

Safdar has earned several achievements throughout his career. In Pakistan, he is among the first pioneers who implemented Bio-Metric ATMs, Mobile Banking, and Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT). Safdar has extensive knowledge and experience in: Core Banking System, System Implementation and Integration, Payment Systems and Gateways, Financial Switches, and Alternate Delivery Channels (ADCs). His proven ability to lead seamless implementations and deliver cutting edge technical solutions has benefitted numerous banks in Pakistan by improving their revenue and workplace productivity. Safdar is currently working with KASB Bank Limited, Pakistan as VP- Head ADC & Projects.

With Innovarge, Safdar is an advisor and consultant for projects related to the Financial Services Industry including Banks.

Memberships and Affiliations

"CEO Message"

"Corporate Social Responsibility has been ingrained in Innovarge's culture since the inception because both our Founder and CEO believe in contributing back to society and are vocal advocates of corporate citizenship.We at Innovarge firmly believe that it's not only our duty to help those in need individually but also create such institutions which results a long lasting effects for the less privilege in the society.We hope our efforts will make us leaders in setting up new benchmarks for others to follow corporate social responsibility which will not only serve society but will become a source of pride, Our goal is to be admired as much for the tangible business successes we achieve as for the intangible goodwill and community trust we continually foster."


At Innovarge, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We excel by using our expertise to provide the right services to our customers quickly and efficiently. Innovarge offers a vast breadth of services that keep our business partners ahead of the curb by strategic planning and implementation. Our team of professionals work diligently to make sure all our customers have the most current technology based solutions.

We have extensive consultancy experience with non-profits and commercial organizations. We provide a full range of consultancy services, from requirement gathering to IT strategy. This helps our partners by smoothing out any rifts in their IT projects.

We offer customized development services that cover the complete software lifecycle. Our high quality services are meant to meet our client’s needs, schedule, and budget. To achieve our customers’ business goals, we have designed a strong development process.

Outsourcing can be a perfect solution for many companies due to expertise and swiftness in a certain field that a company may not have the resources for. We help our business partners by selecting the right outsourcing vendors, which in turn allows the task/project to be completed faster and with better quality.

Social media management entails dealing with real people who interact with a company, product, or brand. We manage our clients’ social media in real time. We also moderate, publish, and monitor your conversations, comments, and queries on major social media networks.

Due to constantly changing web trends, we work thoroughly alongside our clients to help nail their vision. With a holistic approach to design and development, we craft solutions that generate results.

A domain is a web address where one can be located online or on the web. We provide affordable and reliable domain registration and web hosting solutions to take our clients’ brands or products online.


We have extensive consultancy experience with non-profits and commercial organizations. We provide a full range of consultancy services and rigorous analysis, from requirement gathering to IT strategy. This helps our partners by smoothing out any rifts in their IT projects.
We use our global and local knowledge to empower our business partners by giving them objective advice in various technical and business situations.

We provide consultancy in areas that include but are not limited to:

IT strategy
Business process automation
Integration services
IT procurement management
Product selection
Content management
Social media and online marketing
Web analytics
Search engine optimization (SEO)


Outsourcing can be an ideal solution for many companies due to expertise and swiftness in a field that a company may not have the resources for. We help our business partners by selecting the right outsourcing vendors, which in turn allows the task/project to be completed faster and with better quality.

Our outsourcing services include but are not limited to:

Business process outsourcing
Application support and maintenance outsourcing
IT procurement
Website design and development
Custom application development
Business process automation
Content management
Website maintenance and support
Content writing
Social media and online marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO)

Website Design and Development

Due to constantly changing web trends we work thoroughly alongside our clients to help nail their vision. With a holistic approach to design and development we craft solutions that generate results.

At Innovarge we have developed numerous websites that display our clients’ visions. Using the best available technology, we build websites with easy navigation and user friendly interfaces. With an enthusiastic group of developers, we create customized websites that make an impact.

We provide following web design and development services:

Custom website design and development
Website redesign
Website maintenance and support
Search engine optimization
Feature enhancement
Process reengineering

Custom Application Development

Innovarge offers customized development services that administer the entire software life cycle. Our high quality services ensure that every customer’s needs, schedules, and budgets are met according to their standards.

Our team has designed a very strong and detail-oriented development process in order to achieve our customers’ business goals. For example, we perform customer requirement analysis and produce comprehensive functional specifications for the software to be developed. This guarantees that the intended software will solve the customer’s problems.

After a solution has been secured and implemented, we work to provide both on-site and off-site support services to confirm stability.

Social Media Services

We manage all our clients’ social media presence in real time. We moderate, publish, and monitor our customers: conversations, comments, and queries on all major social media platforms. In addition, Innovarge works closely with our customers, making sure their online presence is on the right social channels targeting the correct audience.

We also develop social media optimized websites and applications by creating a website-like experience within Facebook. By using social plugins, we make website updates in real time, and more social. Ultimately, we strive to aid our customers in achieving their business goals through the latest uses in social media technologies.

Domain Registration and Hosting

A domain name is a web address where a customer can be located online or on the web. Customers can represent themselves, their organization, or their products through their websites when searched for and found on the web.

If our customers are planning to start a business, launch a blog, a brand, or a product and have a name in mind, we can register and reserve a domain name for them as soon as possible.

We also provide affordable and reliable web hosting. Our low-cost web hosting services allow our customers’ to use our fast and dependable internet connections for their websites at affordable prices. Providing Windows hosting to all of our clients allows them to have a true one-stop agency. Our services are robust and offer the following list of features amongst many others:

Advanced Web mail
Virus protection for email
SPAM Filtered mail
POP3 Mail boxes
Mail forwarders
Mail Auto responders
Mailbox aliases
MySQL Database
SQL Server Database
ODBC Connectivity (Windows)
SSI (Server Side Includes)
ASP (Windows)
ASP.NET (Windows)
Advanced stats
Custom error pages



















BankX is a complete suite of e-banking/e-commerce solutions. It provides its customers with an integrated online system that conveniently allows them to initiate financial transactions from any browser (web or mobile) or mobile app, anytime, anywhere. BankX radically expands the scope of electronic commerce transactions, and also provides access to relevant services through its products below:

Business benefits:

One window solution for web / mobile browsers and mobile apps
Consolidated management for all interfaces
Reduced support, maintenance and operational cost
All features are accessible through all platforms and interfaces
Integraion options with ERPs, Banking Systems, Banking Switch etc.


















Online Commerce - Internet Banking - Self Service Portals

WebX offers complete online solutions that enable any financial institution to provide e-services to its customers quickly and cost effectively.
WebX has experience in bringing the e-services system to targeted online subscribers.

Key features:

Balance Inquiry
Recent Transactions
Account Statment
Online Funds Transfer / Investments
Bill Payments / Top-Ups
Domestic and international remittances
New account opening / instant online registrations
SMS / Email transaction alerts


Mobile Commerce - Mobile Banking - Mobile Portals

CellX offers end-to-end mobile (browsers/apps) solutions that allow any financial institution to launch Mbanking and/or Mcommerce services quickly and cost effectively in order to consolidate its market position and build a world class, global offering.
The synergy of these financial institutions working together for a common goal has steadily increased the strength and services of the financial industry. Also making it a widely acknowledged brand with an increasing number of members.

Key features:

Balance Inquiry
Recent Transactions
Online Funds Transfer / Investments
Bill Payments / Top-Ups
Domestic and international remittances
SMS / Email transaction alerts


Corporate Banking Portal

BizX offers complete online solution that enables any financial institution to provide electronic services to its corporate customers. BizX provides advanced cash management services.

Key features:

Recent Transactions
Account Statment
Online Funds Transfer
Cheque Printing
Maker/Checker Approvals
Pay Order Issuance
Integration Option with PRISM for RTGS Transactions
SMS / Email Transaction Alerts


Integration / Middleware Solution

CoreX is responsible for all kinds of integration with BankX products or any external systems. All business logics, transactional processing, and management are implemented within the core.

Key features:

Core Systems Integration (Core Banking Systems, ERPs, AMC/Insurance Core Systems)
Middleware Integrations (Payment Gateway / Remittance / Bill payment Systems, etc.)
Compatible with 1Link Switch and BPS
Other Host/Switch Integration
Real-time transactions / Funds transfers
Audit logs and Reporting
SMS and Email gateways Integration
Compatible with other Innovarge Products (WebX, CellX)
SOA based architecture (SOAP)
ISO-8583 compatible
Other third party systems and channels


Payment and Loyalty Solution

PayX is a complete payment, card and loyalty program solution that allows any business to process payments and offer rewards digitally or via loyalty cards. The solution also allows businesses to offer loyalty program to its customers. The issuer company issues cards to its customers that can be used for payments while they transact at issuer’s offline and online channels.

Key features:

Addition of a new revenue channel
Fully Digital Loyalty program including points, cash back, discounts and vouchers
Prepaid or Credit limit options
Online Points redemption
One-window solution for several group companies / brands
Easy integration with other payments systems and networks
Co-branded campaigns with partner companies / brands
Digital Wallets and Cards
Real-time transaction status and notifications
Limit profiles on several parameters including amount, transactions, locations etc.
Loyalty and rewards parameters including amount, transactions, locations etc.
Self-service portal and statements


Smart is a collection of several applications. Smart applications can also integrate with external systems and applications including ERPs and banking systems.

Smart Accountant

Smart Accountant is a complete accounting system with transaction forms and financial reports including Profit / Loss statement and Balance sheet. The system is designed to be used by companies who have extensive accounting requirements.

Key features:

Multilevel Chart of Account
Multi-Year Accounting
All vouchers type supported
Comprehensive GL Reports
Cash/Bank Configuration
Trial Balance
One click year end process

Smart HR

Innovarge Smart HR is a suite of integrated modules geared to provide significant value to your enterprise by focusing on the key asset of your organization: your people. Smart HR allows for self-administration while allowing HR professionals to focus on longer-term strategic goals and development of the staff. The system has the capability to perform tasks ranging from recruiting and hiring candidates, to career planning and training, competency management and Payroll Processing.

Smart HR is ideal for organizations with 10 to 10,000 employees. Most of our customers have quickly become proficient because of the simple design and user journey.

General Setups


Core Modules

Recruitment/assessment and hiring
Probation and confirmation
Employee Information
Employee Attendance and Time Management
Training management
Competency management
Loans and Advances
Exit and settlement

Standard Reports

Employee list
Attendance sheet
Advance / loan details
Salary sheet/bank advice
Pay slip
Employee cost report Others


Salary process
Batch update (Core banking, ERP)
Bonus process
Pay slip email process

Basic Integrations

Integration with external systems (Core banking, ERP)


Web based employee portal

Smart HelpDesk

Smart HelpDesk is a Support Management System. Its web-based platform enables the system to be easily deployed over large user networks. From ticket generation to request closing, Smart HelpDesk provides hassle-free support engine.

Key features:

Requests monitoring through admin console
Email alerts
Ticket tracking
Ticket based collaborations
Standard Reports


Tender/Procurement Management

Procurement is playing an increasingly strategic role in your company. You have more authority, more responsibility, and way more attention at board meetings. Of course, with that comes more accountability. Higher savings goals, and more worry about supply risks.
In short, Aprosol is everything you need to fulfill Procurement's promise and help lead your company to greater efficiency and performance

Key features:

Price visibility after tender date
Easiest RFQ creator
Transparent at every step
Automated purchasing process
Embedded two way communication and messaging system
Embedded printing
Advanced and robust approval routing system
Suppliers information with capability list


Innovarge is able to serve various companies due to our forward thinking, our knowledge and our proven skills. We have a strong customer base in many countries including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, U.A.E. and Pakistan.

Jubilee Life Insurance

Jubilee Life Insurance Limited

Custom Application Development

KASB Bank Limited

KASB Bank Limited

Application Support and Maintenance

Askari Investment Management Limited

Askari Investment Management Limited


1LINK (Guarantee) Limited

1LINK (Guarantee) Limited

Custom Application Development


TCS (Private) Limited


AKD Investment Management Limited

AKD Investment Management Limited



BIPL Securities Limited


World Memon Organisation

World Memon Organisation

Smart Accountant
Custom Application Development

Global Fine Art

Global Fine Art

Website Design and Development

Inam Gallery

Inam Gallery

Website Design and Development

Jolie Art Collections

Jolie Art Collections

Website Design and Development
Social Media Services

Gulf Coast Children's Clinic

Gulf Coast Children's Clinic

Website Design and Development
Social Media Services

Sales and Distribution


MUA Make Up Academy (MUA) is known for its affordable and high quality make up products.

Innovarge is the authorised partner and distributor of MUA products in Pakistan with expansion plans to other regions.

Hard Candy

The 90’s “it” brand when it came to nail polish and makeup has made resurgence. Offering great quality and affordable products to a wider audience.

Innovarge is the authorized partner and vendor of Hard Candy products in Pakistan with expansion plans to other regions.


CROSSKIX is an Oregon-based footwear company with a primary focus on developing athletically functional shoes in the EVA (mold injected) category.

We are the authorised partner and distributor of Crosskix products in the Middle East with expansion plans to other regions.


At Innovarge we believe innovation is an essential key to success. Our exceptional Innovation Department is very proactive and is always researching new services and products. We have a special interest specifically in e-commerce, which is why we have just acquired Just4Girls.pk



Just4Girls.pk is Pakistan's premier online cosmetics & health store, for all your needs!

We offer an extensive range of affordable and luxury brands in the health and beauty industry from all over the world.

Top reasons to shop at Just4Girls.pk:

We offer an extensive range, including luxury and affordable brands.
All brands offered on our site are - 100% authentic guaranteed!
No minimum order amount!
Shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!
We have excellent customer service.
Don’t see your favorite product? Send in a request to our support team.
Discover a wide selection of exciting new products as soon as they hit the market.
Cash on delivery available all over Pakistan!
Now accepting Visa, Master Card and Debit Cards
All products are conveniently shipped to customer's door.



This service provides solutions to address challenges faced by organizations in the area of payments collection. We are vigorously working with industry experts in the financial sector including banks, FinTechs, and others agencies to improve payment collection mechanisms that benefit both corporation and the consumer.

Our aim is to bring payment gateways onto one platform; thus, our member organizations can provide a single window payment solution to their customers. Ultimately receiving payments in a timely and efficient manner.

Key services and modules:

Payer profiles
Self-service portal for payers
Online voucher generation
Payment inquiry and monitoring
Collection and settlement reports
Hassle free Consolidated collection for all branches and networks
Reconciliation and Settlement
No Infrastructure Setup or Application required
Real-time notifications and alerts
Pre-Connected Banks Networks
API Engine for Integration
Integrated Loyalty Program


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